The Turkey Trip


In 1997, I spent three weeks and 5,000 kilometers in Turkey with a bus load of Australian female schoolteachers and I survived. [On the bus]
I took notes. I took 500 photos. This is the story of that epic trip.
It was a tour put on by a history teacher for history teachers, with the aim of seeing the historical sights of Turkey. It was one of the best three weeks in my life. [Map of Turkey]
I was amazed at the reaction of most people when I told them that I was going to Turkey. "Why Turkey?" they would ask with a blank look. I would then reel off a list of the things to see and do, and would still get a blank look. Turkey just does not appear on the tourist destination list of most people.
Turkey has fabulous scenery. [Weird
Turkey has history in huge doses. [Aphrodosias]
Turkey has great food. [Turkish food]
Turkey has Turkish carpets. [Carpets]
Turkey is tremendous fun. I loved it so much, that I will definitely go back one day. Especially to get that lovely silk-on-silk carpet.

Table Of Contents

Timing What we saw Done?
  How it began Done
  The itinerary Done
  The players Done
Day 0 Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, Istanbul Done
Day 1 Istanbul - Settling In Done
Day 2 Istanbul - Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Roman Cistern, Topkapi Palace, Grand Covered Bazaar Done
Day 3 Istanbul - Cruise on the Bosphorus Done
Day 4 Istanbul - Dolmabahce Palace, Aya Sofya Done
Day 5 Ankara - Ataturk's Mausoleum, Anatolian Civilizations Museum Done
Day 6 Hattusas, Amasya Done
Day 7 Sivas, Cappadocia and Urgup Done
Day 8 Goreme and Zelve Valleys, Uchisar Citadel, Avanos Done
Day 9 Derinkyu, Ihlara Valley Done
Day 10 Sultanhani, Mevlana Museum, Karatay Museum, Catalhoyuk, Konya Done
Day 11 Hierapolis, Pamukkale Done
Day 12 Aphrodisias, Bodrum Done
Day 13 Bodrum Castle, Mausoleum  
Day 14 Bodrum - Cruise of the bays  
Day 15 Didyma, Miletus, Priene, Kusadasi  
Day 16 Kusadasi, Ephesus  
Day 17 Pergamum, Assos  
Day 18 Assos, Troy, Canakkale  
Day 19 Gallipoli  
Day 20 Nicaea, Istanbul, Turkish Bath  
Day 21 Istanbul - St Chorya, Book Bazaar, Orient House Night Club  
Day 22 Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore  
  Photo Gallery  

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