The House In Sydney 2002



March 2002

When we back to Australia in 2002, the first thing we did was inspect the house and see what 2 years away had done to it. It was okay. Needed some work, and we got that done. The thing that amazed me was the trees. I had forgotten just how huge the trees were, and how many of them we had. I have some photos from 1998, before we left but they don't really show the scope of the trees. Here you see the right side of the house peeping out. Out front, we've got a couple of huge gums.

[House nestling amidst the

Moving a little to the left, you can see the cluster of trees in front. You really only see the trunks of the bigger trees, as they go very high.

[Front of the house showing
the gums]

Now you can see how tall the trees are. The house looks pretty small, way down at the bottom there.

[Tall gums out front]

To really get the scale of the trees, I had to move further down the street and tilt the camera up. Still didn't get the top of the tree, but it sure made the house look pretty small down there.

[Almost got the top of the
trees out front]

So I moved a lot further down the street to try and get all the trees in. The house is way down there, just to right of middle.

[Getting all the gum trees
in the photo]