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10th May 2001

That's right!! The weekly newsletter is starting up again. A long email about our life in the USA, punctuated with salacious and libellous comments about the people, the country, and the insanity. I don't put it on the Web site because it's rude and insulting and it would detract from the rest of the site, so I email it out sneakily.

Second Series

This is a brief list of the weekly bulletins that have come out in the second series. If you join up and want back issues, email me and I'll send them.

  • 20th May 2001. [Intro, car breakdown, super-strength beer, Greek Festival, hole in cat, eating out, symphony and opera, networking funnies.]
  • 27th May 2001. [Attempted bridge crossing, Friday pot-luck, cooking classes, health insurer diatribe, return of the car, super-strength beers, Pungo Strawberry Festival]
  • 3rd June 2001. [Allergies, fugitives, Saren's visit, Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, Virginia Marine Science Museum, Seashore State Park, Back Bay, horseshoe crabs]
  • 19th June 2001. [The fall of Mike the Destroyer, USS Bataan]
  • 24th June 2001. [Aftermath of Mike's fall, all-night work marathon, Cajun Fest and Bayou Boogaloo]