What comes with the stork

Kevin and his wife have a new baby boy. Here's the baby photo so we can ooh and aah.

[Kevin's baby boy]

Over here, it is common practice with a birth to announce it in the street. There are little companies around who will hire out a large stork, blue or pink, that gets stuck in your front yard. The baby's details are printed on it. The stork usually stays about a week, and this costs around $60 US. Here's the Web site of Stork News, so you can see what other services get done and their costs. Maybe this is a niche that could open up in Australia? Something like this could work in Sydney? Good pocket money?

[The Stork Announcement]

Credit for the photos goes to Kevin, who took them, and then supplied them to me. He knew they would appear here, so he gave permission for me to use his photos.