Rachael - November 2001

Here's some more photos of Rachael. Almost one year old. She's almost walking. She stands and holds on and peers out windows. She crawls. She pulls herself up onto couches. Thankfully, she no longer cries when she sees me. I'm allowed out when she comes to visit now.

In the walker and ready to move. Look at those blue eyes. She's just spotted me and she's a little hesitant. She calmed down quickly though and enjoyed herself a lot. [In the walker]

Rachael likes to peep out the window and watch the traffic. [Peeping out the window]

Look at that glorious smile. [A glorious smile]

Auntie Anne holding the youngun. She's still not entirely sure about me, is she? Those eyes are amazing. [Rachael and Auntie Anne]

She dragged herself up onto the couch so she could join in the fun. [Up on the couch]

Practising a new trick. Clapping hands with Aunt Anne. She learns new tricks easily. [Clap hands together]

She's happy at any angle, even upside-down. And she didn't even puke with this trick. [Rachael upside-down]

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