Rachael - August 2001

Rachael has changed. She used to have no problems with me, but now she cries at the sight of me. Unless her mother is close at hand. If Bronwyn is around, Rachael just acts shy. If Bronwyn is missing, she cries. Anne tells me it's just a phase she's going through. These photos were taken when we babysat.

She's been looking at me and crying, and clutching at Anne for support. [Rachael has been lookign at

She's eased up a bit. She's unsure and worried, and could either calm down or start bellowing again. [Still unsure, but still

Oh bugger. She decided to bellow. and not calm down. [Decided to cry]

Anne told me to go away. "Go and play in the computer room" were her exact words. I love to hear those words, so I did. Rachael calmed down and Anne played with her. When all was calm, I snuck out again, snuck up behind her and took photos. [Calmed down]

She heard the camera click and looked behind her. She looked around hesitantly, a little afraid of what she might see. Oops. She spotted me. This photo shows that magic moment when she's still happy, and right before she bellowed with fear and her face scrunched up, and Anne started yelling at me to go away and get out of sight. [WHo's that behind me?]

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