Rachael - May 2001

These are Bronwyn's photos, taken over a 3 month period.

Rachael getting her first swimming lesson. That pool's a bit shallow for a swimming lesson. I reckon you should chuck them in the deep end and see if they swim. I reckon Rachael would swim. [Rachael in the pool]

This is the ultimate in relaxation. Mother, baby and cat. That cat knows a good thing when it sees it. Mother's not going to move and disturb the baby, so why not take advantage of it. [Bronwyn, Rachael and Bongo]

This is a happy kid. She's five months old, has the world at her feet, and she's enjoying every minute of it. [Happy Rachael]

Rachael has worked out how to have fun in a swing. [Rachael in the swing]

The bunny-rabbit kid. I wouldn't let my cats near her dressed like this. She'd be dinner. [Rachael in bunny outfit]

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