Rachael - April 2001

The last set of photos went into the yellow. This set have a blue theme.

She's looking pretty good now. She's sitting up and looking round and doing stuff. She's perky and even more bright-eyed than before. Less crying than before. I like the little yellow socks. I also liked the accidental juxtaposition of the photo behind her. That's herself an hour or so after birth. [Rachael in blue pose]

Anne's giving her a feed. She's behaving and trying to help by pushing the bottle. [Anne feeding Rachael]

Bronwyn watching while Anne tries to feed Rachael, but Rachael's more interested in looking at me taking the photo. [Bronwyn and Anne feeding Rachael]

Ruffian is interested in Rachael. Redrum isn't. When Rachael comes around, Redrum goes and hides under the bed, but Ruffian gets around and likes to go and have a sniff. Rachael is looking a little alarmed at the attention Ruffian is shwoing to her feet. She probably thinks that Ruffian would like to have a little nibble, and she's probably right. [Rachael worried about Ruffian's attention]

Rachael has gotten a bit more used to Ruffian, and has stopped looking at her and is looking at me. So Ruffian has hunched forward a bit and is having a good snuffle at Rachael's feet, preparatory to having a nibble on the toes. [Rachael versus Ruffian again]

A very dark blue shot of Rachael. The deep blue is a lovely colour, but it sort of overwhelms the baby, doesn't it? [Rachael in deep blue]

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