Rachael - February 2001

Bronwyn brought Rachel over so we could babysit for a little while. I tried a few photos without flash again, but had film with low ASA so they turned out either too blurred or really weirdly coloured. This one is least blurred, but Rachel still shimmers a bit, and the photo moved into the yellow.

This was the occasion when I discovered how to distract Rachael and stop her from crying. Does anyone remember the British comedy series The Goodies? After Bronwyn left, Rachael was good for a while, then her face scrunched up and she started to cry. Crying babies normally put me into flight mode, but Anne wasn't handy so I couldn't leave Rachael. I had to distract her. The Goodies clicked into my mind and I did the Funky Gibbon Dance, with the attendant ooh-ooh-ooh noises and the occasional grunt. She was stunned. She was shocked. She had no idea what to do. She stared at me with her eyes and her mouth wide open. I have done this a few times since and get the same reaction. No adult has ever seen me do it, and none ever will. And I think Rachael is past being shocked out of crying by the horrible sight, so never again will anyone see Henry do The Funky Gibbon.

[Rachael looking pretty human now]

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