Rachael - Thanksgiving 2000

Bronwyn had an at-home on Thanksgiving Day and we went over to spend time with the baby. Even I spent time with the baby and there's a photo down there you won't see the like of again.

"Oh god, this is just so boring." [Rachael having a big yawn]

One of those priceless shots of the mutual absorption between mother and child. [Mother and daughter trying to outstare each other]

Bronwyn's teasing the kid. She doesn't want a finger. [Rachael being fooled about tucker]

She's still a solemn baby. I like the formal smock thing she's wearing. [Rachael being formal]

The moment I took Rachel and held her for a minute, all the onlookers squealed and headed for their cameras. Given my normal reaction to babies and my comments, they thought this was a sight they would never see and it was worth memorialising. I held her for 20 minutes or so, and she looked at me and I talked to her and she seemed startled by my voice. I had to give her up when I found myself starting to hum to her. Then I rushed off and grabbed a beer and made a manly pose and pretended it hadn't been me. [Henry and Rachael]

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