Race At The Base


We were given free tickets to the races at the base. Vintage car races. We went on the Sunday, the second day of the races, late in the afternoon. It was blazing hot. Oceana Naval Base is not far from us. We drove onto the base, and walked to the races. Along the way, parked on the tarmac, were a number of really nice cars. These two were the first nifty ones we spotted. A pair of Lotuses. [Lotuses]

Car Displays

Then we spotted this fabulous car. We were checking it out and peering inside when the owner appeared. he was really proud of it. He'd spent a lot of time restoring it and he was really pleased when people stopped to look at his car. [Fabulous old red car]

He opened the bonnet and showed us the engine. It was spotless. It was sparkling and clean, and large chunks had been chromed. This car had become a work of art. [Engine of the fabulous red car]

He was eager for Anne to sit in it and get the feel of the car. I was jealous. I didn't get to sit inside. [Anne in the fabulous red car]

This was an interesting innovation. At events like this, on a blazing hot day, on the blazing hot tarmac of an airbase, people need a drink. I am used to a trailer affair that gets driven around shows and carnivals, parked, and the jolly owner climbs in the trailer and dispenses drinks and pleasantries. This drinks dispenser does away with that. It's more efficient. Drive it up, lift the side flaps, walk away and enjoy yourself while your trailer earns money for you. Not to my taste. [Drinks dispenser]

The Race

We found our way past the display cars, and sat in the stands and watched some of the races. The race track wound its way around past the tarmac. The racing cars were old and slow and it was fun to hear them and watch them. One was a little yellow mini with a large wind-up key sticking out of its back. You can see the key in the photos below. It wasn't going very fast, and it took a few corners too sharply and slipped and slid. Later, the mini came a real gutser, smoke poured out of the engine, and it slowly limped back to the pit stop area. It was finished for the day. This was the first mini I have seen here. Most people have never heard of them.

Here's a few photos of the race in progress.

[A close race]

[The mini with the wind-up key]

[Coming to the corner]