Silk Painting

[Anne's CRafts]

29th June 2002

The giant piano quilt is temporarily stalled. Quilter's block. Anne has temporarily moved on to other fields. Silk painting is one of them. These are two small silk paintings she has done. The designs are stained-glass style and came from books about silk painting. Anne painted them and then had them framed, and she's mounted them on the walls at home. She didn't tell me she was going to put them on the walls, just put them up to see if I would notice them. This is a long standing feud between us. I claim to notice all, and Anne knows I don't. So the first painting went up on the wall and I came home deep in thought about some work matters, and because I didn't notice it in the first few seconds, Anne was triumphant. I did spot the second one when it appeared. I like them a lot. Bright, colourful, pretty, and best of all - home-made. The personal touch is what makes them so special.

[Silk Painting Number one]

[Silk Painting Number two]

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