Sunflowers for eBay

[Anne's Crafts]

Anne decided to see if a quilt top would sell on eBay. It wasn't a quilt, just the quilt top. The difference is that a quilt top doesn't have the fluffy layer, or the backing piece, or the rod pocket. It's just the colourful top layer. Anne had a look at what was selling on eBay and saw that sunflowers were still a popular topic, so she made a lovely blue/gold sunflower quilt top. We took this photo and started the auction. Anne got three bids, and it sold. She got the money that she wanted for it. It covered the costs of the material, and she was happy with it. Best of all were the comments emailed to her by other quilt sellers on eBay, who said how beautiful it was, and what a high quality it was. That praise was very well received. [Sunflowers on eBay]

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