Flower Pounding

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Anne has bought a new book describing a new craft technique called flower pounding. She takes a piece of cloth and washes it in a special solution. Then she dries it and arranges flowers on it, then tapes them down. Turn the fabric over and lay it on a block of wood. Take a hammer and pound the hell out of it until all the juice is gone out of the flowers and the colours have transferred to the cloth. Turn the cloth back over, remove the tape and pull off the poor smashed carcasses of the flowers and cast them away. Iron the cloth, draw borders around the colour, and voilá - a new craft item.

This technique was developed by Ann Frischkorn & Amy Sandrin and if you want the full details on how to do it, go and buy their book Flower Pounding. If you want a quick look at how they do it, have a look at this article that they wrote.

I'm sure that there's an element of therapy involved in flower pounding. If you walk into a room full of women wielding hammers and pounding flowers and grunting, it definitely makes a man pause for thought.

The photos you see here are the first stage of the process. Anne has merely transferred the flower colours to the cloth. Sometime in the future, hopefully, the cloth becomes a quilt cover. When this happens, I will show the photos of the finished product.

[Flower pounding large]

[Flower pounding small]

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