The Piano Quilt

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The piano quilt is a very ambitious project. It's taken forever so far. It's huge. This one is so big, that when it's finished, it might be able to be used as a real quilt on a single bed. It's so big that it couldn't be mounted on a chair downstairs near the TV. It moved up to the loft.

The basic design is a grand piano. The cloth used for the black piano has black background. The white keys are an ivory cloth, but I don't know she's going to do the black keys yet.

Anne bought a series of aluminium shallow pans to contain the cloth, so she could sort the squares by colour and form something a painter's palette. We soon found that the squares could not be constrained. Squares of cloth want to be free. They started spreading all over the floor.

[The floor arrangements for
the piano quilt]

This shows the full design of the piano quilt. You can see some of the background material near the top, a small test to get the colour right. And you can see the horizontal bar of ivory cloth near the bottom which will form the white keys. [A vertical view of the
    piano quilt]

The quilt has started to expand. Anne found that the backing sheet wasn't big enough and she had to expand to the left. So she sliced a few strips and attached them to the board.

The quilt is slowly being filled in. It's a big job and Anne has had to stop several times when she ran out of material and had to go hunt some down. eBay is a good source of squares.

[The quilt expands]

It's getting close. Only a handful of squares to be filled in now. It looks easy, but Anne has already pulled large chunks down and rebuilt them several times. Something about the colours not matching. [Almost done]

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