Flower Riot Quilt for eBay

[Anne's Crafts]

Anne made this quilt for sale on eBay. The quilt is a riot of flowers with a dark purple border. That purple border is the bane of our lives. Look at the photo. It looks black. We can't take a decent photo that shows the colour properly. It's a deep rich purple colour in good light. We haven't put it up on eBay yet because we can't get a good enough photo to show that border colour. The quilt is completely finished, even including the rod pocket at the back. Here you can see us using a broom handle to demonstrate the finished product. [Flower riot against wall]

This is another attempt to take a photo in natural light to show the purple colour. This is in our bedroom near the big window, and Anne has managed to get a bit of the colour on the right. Note that huge thing underneath the quilt. That's Redrum's tail. [Flower riot showing
    purple border]

Now this photo manages to catch much more of the purple. It also shows the broom attached to the broom handle holding the quilt up, and shows less of Redrum's tail. [Flower riot showing more
    purple border]

This is a closeup of the quilt corner. The purple looks really black. If Anne used lighter borders, they would photograph better, but the then they probably wouldn't match the quilt as well. [Flower riot closeup]

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