Cloth Fragments

[Anne's Crafts]

Where does Anne get cloth? I get asked that a lot. There are lots of sources - craft shops, dress shops, WalMart, eBay. Heaps of places. It takes time to develop a good range of suppliers.

There's a large group of people who make quilts. They buy chunks of cloth and cut them into the two inch squares they need. To get the variety they need, they would have to buy an awful lot of cloth. So what a lot of them do is swap or sell their excess squares. Anne buys a lot of batches of squares on eBay to get the variety she needs. [Cloth of flowers closeup]

[Cloth of flowers]

Whenever we go to WalMart, I will stop and fondle the electronics and see if there's anything I really want, and Anne will disappear to the back of the store where they keep the cloth. She gets large squares of cloth and takes it home and slices it up into the small squares. She also goes shopping on her own and comes back with large chunks of cloth. She drapes the large squares all over the loft railings till she slices them up, and then the small squares spread all over the floor on aluminium trays, and then get carried all over the rest of the house when they statically stick to the cat's fur. [Cloth of birds closeup]

[Cloth of birds]

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