Flower Basket Quilt for Louise

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One of the patterns Anne spotted in the hundreds of quilting books she has purchased through eBay, was a basket of flowers. She adapted this pattern and came up with this pretty little quilt. It's a gift for Louise, except Louise doesn't know it yet, and as Louise only gets email and can't do the Web, Louise won't know about till it arrives in a parcel on her doorstep.

Anne had a lot of problems with this quilt, making the background colours match. The background of the flowers and angled bits of basket didn't match well at the start and she had to pull it apart and start over again a few times. As you can see, it's a very light coloured quilt and it was difficult getting that light background to match.

[Basket of flowers

She also had problems getting the base of the basket right. These photos show the incorrect bottom. You can see the correct bottom in the photos of the finished quilt.

[Basket of flowers quilt

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