The Piano Quilt Nears Completion


21st August 2002

The piano quilt is very close to completion. Anne finally got the fabric squares organised the way she wanted them. It took her years to get the colours and patterns matching. I think that the larger a quilt is, the longer it takes to get everything matched and placed.

Here we see the quilt having the squares ironed on to the backing fabric. This is the last step before sewing them down.

[Ironing the squares on
the piano quilt]

Here's the left hand side of the quilt spread and displayed to check if it's going okay.

[Laying out the piano

[Anne's Crafts]

8th September 2002

All the squares have been ironed down, and the quilt has been pinned back up for final checks. Note that the white squares have been attached for the white piano keys. The black keys will be laid down on top of them next.

[Piano quilt with all
squares ironed down]

[Anne's Crafts]

25th May 2003

Right now, the piano quilt is draped over the railings upstairs. All squares have been sewn on. It's waiting for the black keys to be sewn on, and a border attached, a hanging pocket. Then it will be finished and we can get it up on the wall.

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