Louise's Basket Quilt Finished

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31st January 2003

See the start of Louise's flower basket quilt.

It took time to get the base of the basket right, but eventually Anne was happy with it. Once that was done, the squares were ironed down, then sewn together. Anne attached a deep blue border to the quilt, and it was ready for the final embellishments.

[Base of the basket

Here's a closeup of the flowers with a bit of the straw basket.

[Close-up of the

[Basket quilt

Anne wanted to add to the "basket of flowers" effect, so she attached two little butterflies above the flowers.

[Left butterfly on
the basket quilt] [Right butterfly on
the basket quilt]

The final touch was a ribbon around the base of the basket's handle.

[Ribbon attached to
the base of the handle]

And here's the finished basket quilt, with butterflies and ribbon.

[Finished basket

[Finished basket

Anne finished the basket quilt early in 2003, and took it back to Australia and gave it to Louise.

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