Circular Quay, Sydney 2004


April 2004

We stayed on the observation deck and I took quite a few photos of the Harbour Bridge. I was looking for action, and this was as close as I got with a small boat zooming underneath it.

[Sydney Harbour Bridge
with small boat zooming out from under]

And I needed a close-up. Look up the top. See those people climbing the Bridge? We climbed the Bridge in 2002. Two years ago, we were way up there enjoying the sights of Sydney and the fresh air and being held back by Her Ferginess.

[Close-up of the Sydney
Harbour Bridge showing climbers]

Another simple shot of the Harbour Bridge doing the same old stuff.

[Sydney Harbour Bridge]

And then I looked back at Circular Quay and got this shot of the Quay and the Sydney Central Business District behind it.

[Circular Quay and Sydney
City behind it]

This puts the Bridge and that sailing boat in perspective.

[The Bridge and the
sailing boat]

We walked back to the Quay and I stopped at the flowering trees for some nature shots.

[Circular Quay nature

I don't know what this flower is called, but it's pretty striking. This is one of the shots I use as my desktop backgrounds at home and at work. I have a cron job that runs every 5 minutes and randomly pulls one of my photos out and changes the desktop background to it. On the 21" monitor these photos look pretty stunning. I take them with 5 megapixels and store them in raw format for the backgrounds. They are about 2.2 meg each photo, so the detail and resolution when they appear is pretty stunning. So I'm always on the lookout for flower shots or pretty patterns.

[Flowers at Circular Quay]

Even very small and simple flowers make good backgrounds.

[Small flowers at Circular

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