Circular Quay, Sydney 2004


April 2004

After Richard and I spent a few hours up Centrepoint Tower taking photos of Sydney from on high, we walked down to Circular Quay so I could get photos of the two famous structures of Sydney - the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Last time I was down here was March 2002 and the trees were in flower then and nothing much has changed. Here's the Sydney Harbour Bridge looming above.

[Sydney Harbour

And a simple photo of the Opera House.

[Sydney Opera House]

In 2002, I took most of my shots from Circular Quay. This time I walked along the walkway and took shots back of Circular Quay. That's the ferry terminal.

[Circular Quay]

So I walked further down away from Circular Quay and up to an observation area and took a broader view of Circular Quay.

[A broader sweep of
Circular Quay]

This is the Toaster. I don't what its official title is. This large, expensive luxury block of apartments has fantastic views of Sydney Harbour. Unfortunately, it's a large ugly block of ugly concrete. If you're wealthy enough to buy an apartment in there, then you look out at beautiful views, and luckily you can't look back at the eyesore you happen to live in. It really screwed up the foreshore. What used to be there was nothing but green park and an open foreshore, and now there's this great ugly concrete lump for rich bastards.

[The Toaster - an ugly
concrete block for rich bastards]

The Opera House again, on a busy morning when the ferries are shuttling back and forth, and I waited and got this shot of three ferries and a river taxi in front.

[Sydney Opera House
with four boats in front]

And then I tried for an artistic shot using thirds. The end result is that the Opera House got stuck down in the bottom right and the sky and the clouds got most of the real estate.

[Sydney Opera House
in artistic pose]

We walked further along and came to an observation area for the Harbour Bridge. So I concentrated on the Harbour Bridge.

[Sydney Harbour Bridge]

But in foreground was a small inlet and in that inlet was a pretty good-looking sailing boat.

[Sailing boat near Harbour

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