Circular Quay, Sydney 2002


March 2002

Anne and I went in to Circular Quay to meet Haydn. We went early so I could wander around the Quay and take some photos. We're right on the Quay, looking right up at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. On our left, the trees are in flower along the walkway.

[Sydney Harbour Bridge
from Circular Quay]

I zoomed in on the bridge to cut the clutter.

[Sydney Harbour Bridge
from Circular Quay]

We moved over to the right where the Sydney ferries dock, and I got another shot of the Bridge with the ferry Collaroy on the right. I have no idea what that large silly bear is doing in front of the Bridge.

[Sydney Harbour Bridge
with the ferry Collaroy]

Inside the ferry terminal we spotted these two shady characters. These guys were larrikins, punk kangaroos with cheeky grins and plenty of lip, with prominent bits, and they were balanced on great springy curves of metal so they could lope along with a giant springy step. I've never seen this before and I was amazed at how good these guys were. Cheeky buggers.

[Punk kangaroos at
Circular Quay]

A few people were game enough to go and have their photos taken with them and as you can see, they were ready to grab the tourist hand and place it on the soft fur of the kangaroo's inner thigh. See how high they are? They are perched on big bouncy metal bits. After this shot, they loped away and were quickly gone.

[A game tourist touching
the inner thigh of a punk kangaroo]

After the interlude with the punk kangaroos, we went to the outdoor cafe where we were meeting Haydn. This was fortunate because it positioned me for a great shot of the bridge with two Sydney ferries in the foreground.

[Sydney Harbour Bridge
with two Sydney ferries in the foreground]