Stamps of Papua and New Guinea

This is a work in progress. I am collecting the stamps of Papua and New Guinea. The information I need is scattered through a number of reference books, and it got irritating to flick through the different books, so I decided to collect the information into one source to help me with the collection. And then I decided to add scans of the stamps to these pages so it's like my virtual stamp collection.

New Guinea Papua West New Guinea

First World War

  • Australian Occupation of German New Guinea (1914)
  • German New Guinea issues overprinted GRI (1914)
  • German New Guinea registration labels overprinted GRI (1914)
  • Marshall Islands issues overprinted GRI (1915)


  • Australian stamps overprinted NWPI (1915-1925)
  • Territory of New Guinea (1925-1942)
  • Queensland stamps in British New Guinea (1885-1901)
  • British New Guinea (1901-1906)
  • British New Guinea stamps overprinted Papua (1906-1907)
  • Papua (1907-1942)
  • Dutch Indies (1864-1946)
Second World War
  • Australian stamps used at Military and Field Post Offices (1942-1945)
  • Australian stamps used at civilian post offices (1945-1953)
  • Japanese stamps used at Military Post Offices (1942-?)
  • Stamps of New Guinea overprinted by Japanese occupation forces (1942-1943)
Papua and New Guinea
  • Papua and New Guinea Pre-Decimal (1952-1965)
  • Papua and New Guinea Decimal (1966- )
West Irian
  • Dutch New Guinea (1950-1962)
  • West New Guinea - UNTEA (1962)
  • West Irian - Irian Barat (1963-1968)

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