More Work Photos

14th December 1999

Here's some more recent photos of events at work.

The door of the kitchen leading to outside. Until recently, the rubbish bins outside would be full of food and by morning the detritus would be strewn everywhere. Beasts of all sizes would get at the bins, knock them over and help themselves to the food. I never saw any of the animals, but Rob said that he was startled one morning on the way in to work by what he described as a big-ass raccoon. This expression indicates a large raccoon. Shortly after he was surprised, management decided that the place had become very messy and decided to do something about it. First they removed the bins and planted this sign on the door. Critters is an all-encompassing term for the beasts that raid rubbish bins. Then the whole area was cleaned up, and the bush was chopped back and made more civilised. This discouraged the critters from coming round. [Critter warning]

Is this the answer to that ancient puzzle "How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?"

No. This is a programmer removing good tubes to make the light dimmer at work.

[How many programmers...]