15th August 1999

These photos were taken at work with Jim's digital camera. It was shortly after we left the File Room in the bowels of the building, and moved into our new cubicle farm.

Jason, Jim and Rob. Note the happy smiling faces. They love it here. They just love it. Note the differing interpretation of work clothes. Jason dresses for the beach, Jim for the bike, and Rob for the cold. [Jason, Jim and Rob]

Another photo of Mr Ugly, caught by surprise through the gap in cubicle side. Yes, I did get a fright. [Henry at work]

This is Kevin. He's glaring at camera. Kevin came to San Francisco with us. You've already seen the photo of him on the San Francisco cable car, and you've seen a photo of his wife and baby in the page on the stork. [Kevin]

And this is Matt. Matt is usually a very a happy chappy. [Matt]

This is Debbie. Debbie is hiding from the camera and giving Jim a fright. [Debbie]