The San Francisco Trip

11th May 1999

In April, I spent a week in San Francisco for training. I had a ball. I didn't take any photos, but Jim used his digital camera and took 8 photos. I got copies of those photos and have included them here. There are only two subjects - Lombard Street, and the cable cars. We took the cable car to Lombard Street, walked down Lombard Street, then walked to Fisherman's Wharf.

Lombard Street is the crookedest street in the USA. It has 8 hairpin turns. Cars go down it only so the drivers can say they have been down it. It serves no really useful purpose.

At the start of the cable car tours, they turn the cars around.
[Turning around the cable car]

Rob (left) and Kevin (right) on the cable car, on the way to Lombard Street. [Rob and Kevin on cable car]

Here we are standing at the top of Lombard Street, posing. Kevin on the left, Rob a bit behind, and me on the right. [At top of Lombard Street]

We've started walking down, and this is a shot of my back.

[Walking down Lombard St]

We've made it to the bottom of Lombard Street and we're looking up at it.

[Looking up Lombard Street]

We're looking up Lombard Street again, watching a bunch of cars wind down it.

[Cars coming down Lombard]

Another car nearing the bottom of Lombard Street.

[Car near bottom of Lombard St]

We've got to the end of Lombard Street and started walking towards Fisherman's Wharf. Dead ahead is Alcatraz.