Beauty And The Beast

This should indicate that Anne sometimes manages to drag me away from the computer for a bit of togetherness. Barbecues, weddings, anything that has food and drink.


Us at a barbecue. The empty plates are evidence that we have enjoyed ourselves immensely, and the looks on our faces show that we are thinking about an afternoon nap to help us get ready for Sunday dinner.

[At a barbecue]


A wedding. Anne was bridesmaid. I had to sit alone in the church, and alone at the reception. I do not like this concept. The only thing worse than being at a wedding where the only person you know is your wife, is to be at that wedding and have your wife stuck on the bridal table where the partially inebriated best man spends the evening telling your wife how much he has fancied her all these years, while an Englishman at your table demonstrates that he has made the Monty Python skit about arguments-for-five-pounds his life model.

[At a wedding]

October 1997

We're in Turkey. Our last night in Istanbul. Our group went to dinner at the Orient House, for the show. We were tired but very happy. And well fed.

[Orient House, Turkey]


We're about to go to the Sydney Town Hall for a Strauss evening with Austrian food and music by Strauss. It was a black tie affair, so I had to rent a suit at the last minute. Because I didn't give them enough time to find a suit to fit me, I had to settle for one that was several sizes too small. As you can see. I look as if I have been pumped up with a bicycle pump. And yes, I am more portly than I was eight years ago. And my hair has gone from brown to grey. Middle age.

[At a Strauss evening]

November 1999

Here we are in the USA, attending the wedding of a co-worker. It was a great wedding. That look of satisfaction on my face is because I consumed more smoked salmon than ever before. The sadness is because so much of it had to be left behind. Anne can't quite believe that Rob really is going to take a photo.

[At Jim's
    wedding, USA]