Even More USA House Photos

15th August 1999

These photos were taken with Anne's little 35mm camera. When I got them developed and printed, one of the options is to have them put on CDROM. I did this, and the resulting images are superb. A digital camera is temporarily off my list of must-buy-soon items. Just a few photos of the house and cats, this time.

Guess who's hooked on the Internet? It looks a bit lonely up here, so we might have to get some more furniture, or some stands or plants or wall hangings. [Anne on the Internet]

The computer room has started to look tidier since the introduction of some bookcases. A couple of cheap bookcases will do us. I have no intention of spending good money on good bookcases, and then dumping them when we leave. So cheap and sturdy does the trick. These two get all the books up off the floor. The floor space in the room has dramatically increased. [Bookcases]

The other disappointing plastic bookcase moves across the room and houses the other computer I built up from bits and pieces. As I do all maintenance to it by telnetting from my main computer, the keyboard, mouse and monitor are luxuries. The monitor rarely gets turned on. [More bookcases]

What would a set of photos be without the cats. The cats are stable and happy, and very very relaxed. No stress in their lives these days. Here's Redrum wondering what to do with herself today. Look at that wonderful colouring. She's getting a lovely rich chocolate coat. [Redrum]

And Ruffian, of course, being fat and happy. Shortly after this photo, we determined that the cats were getting way too fat. They had learnt a sneaky trick. They would go and wail at Anne who would feed them what they needed, and then at odd times they would wail at me and I would put down more food for them. They were eating three times as much as they should have been and were getting very fat. So we put them on a diet and their weight is now reducing nicely. Gee, everyone in the house is losing weight except me. [Ruffian]