More USA House Photos

24th May 1999

I borrowed Jim's digital camera again, so I could get some fresh photos of the house and Anne's car.

Anne and her new car. It's a Hyundai Elantra GLS. The sun's behind me and the shadows are awful, but it gives you an idea of what Anne is driving. [Anne and car]

This is the front room of the house, except it's not empty but it's full of furniture. Bronwyn gave us some of her furniture that she no longer needed and it fits beautifully in our house. That couch on the left is really comfortable. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I now have a wide choice of places to snooze. The couch is great except when the kids are mowing the lawn as they keep peering in at me. [Furniture at front]

This is the dining area, and it now proudly houses a lovely glass dining table. Another gift from Bronwyn. It's small, but very stylish. We've used it a few times already with small dinner parties and it works very well, even when we play games after dinner. [Dining room]

Beside the stairs we now have a lovely chest of drawers. Yes, it's another gift from Bronwyn, and doesn't it look great. Very handy for both of us to dump stuff on top of, which is why it looks so messy on top. [Chest of drawers]

This is Anne's computer desk and her computer. It's quiet and peaceful up here on the second floor and she gets to play her games without interruption from me. The cats follow her up and chase each other and I occasionally hear yells of Stop it, you two from up there. [Anne's computer]

A set of photos would be unfinished without some shots of the cats. Here's Redrum being all happy and squidgy-eyed.It's unusual for me to get a cat photo without them looking Satanic with horrid glowing eyes. [Squidgy-eyed RedumFront room]

No show without Punch. Here's Ruffian, full of mischief and eager to have fun. [Ruffian the menace]

Handyman Jack put the catflap in properly. Now it works both ways, and the cats can use it and the litter tray is in the garage. We had it in the kitchen, which was the only place without carpet, and it was a little disconcerting to be eating at the table and have Ruffian decide to perform in the kitty litter tray right beside me. Quite put me off my food.

Here's the catflap into the garage, and Ruffian is demonstrating how to be pushed through the catflap when she doesn't want to be.

[Ruffian out the catflap]

Redrum is now being forced out the catflap. She at least has some dignity. Ruffian is there to greet her. [Redrum out the catflap]

A better shot of the bike. I've started work on it. By that, I mean I've sprayed the rusty bolts with WD40. Sometime soon, I will start to remove things and put new versions back on. I've had a good look at the bike and it's not as bad as I first thought. [The bike again]

Our new barbecue, another gift from Bronwyn. We are now very well equipped, thanks to Bronwyn. We haven't used the barbecue yet, but as it's summer, we shall soon start. Surprisingly, Redrum managed to be in this photo. It's hard to get a photo of her unless she's asleep or being held. [Barbecue and Redrum]

This is me. The worst part of getting old is getting so ugly. I don't really mind getting old, but I really mind getting so ugly. [The ugly one]

Me again, holding a struggling Ruffian. [Me and Buffy]

You can tell these were staged photos. Me and Redrum. Quite obviously there's nothing much on the walls yet. When Anne was packing up the house in Sydney, she discovered a small cache of prints from the National Art Gallery in Canberra that I had put into safe keeping. Anne brought them with her, and we will get them framed and hung soon, and then the walls will look less bare and more stylish. [Me and Redrum]

Upstairs in the other spare bedroom, we now have a set of bunks, courtesy Bronwyn. Now we can sleep quite a few visitors. [The bunks]

Buffy on the bunk. Note the slanted roof. You wouldn't want to sit up suddenly in the middle of the night. [Buffy on the bunk]

It's inevitable. The computer room is filling up. It wouldn't look so messy if I had a bookcase or two. That will come soon and then all this stuff can come off the floor and look neat and tidy. The stereo is convenient, but like all the all-in-one shelf stereos, it's flawed. If you want good sound, there's nothing like a set of components that you strap together. [The computer room fills]

I thought I would take a few photos of the street. Our street looks very suburban. A wide street, houses that all look the same, lots of grass, not much in the way of trees. I miss those huge gums we had in the front yard in Sydney. This is across the road. One house is already for sale. The military moves frequently. [Across the road]

This shot is looking down the road a bit. Broad streets, green lawns (except mine, which is a very light green). [Down the street]

Another street shot. Note the blue sky. Not a cloud in sight. It's summer and starting to get warm. Lovely weather. [Summery suburbia]

The final touch: where I work. This is the building that houses both companies. I spent a week in a small room in the center of the building, then 4 months in a File Room to the right, and now I've moved back to a cubicle farm on the left. [The workplace]