Henry's Photos

What do I look like? Here's a few images, of mixed quality. I'll dig some of the early photos out when I was tall and slim and strong and handsome, some twenty years ago.


I'm happy and I'm relaxed and I'm on best behaviour and I'm posing for Anne. This is shortly after I took company with Anne, so I'm still well behaved. You can see that I really did like Les Miserables - not only did I see it three times, I bought the sweatshirt.

[Henry with the ferns]


This is me being darkly studious shortly after having met Anne. I am on best behaviour and trying to appear nice. I don't think it's working.

[Henry being studious photo]


This is me listening to Rosemary Stanton describe the great Investigator's Diet scheme. You can see by the look of shock on my face that I am impressed.

[Henry in shock video]


This is me a little later on at a barbecue hosted by the infamous Jackie Boyce, where I have decided that if I'm going on a diet, then I better eat a few cattle first and nobody better get in my way. Note the sudden insurgence of grey hair at the thought of dieting.

[Henry at barbecue photo]


Here, you may as well see all the photos of me at this barbecue. This is me considering my lunch. I'm trying to decide if this bowl will be enough, or should I go back for a second helping. Note the recent haircut. It's related to that bowl.

Henry and bowl photo]


This is me near the end of another barbecue. I think I am very relaxed after two bottles of Eaglehawk Cabernet Merlot. I think I am about to fall asleep. Note my favourite barbecue Hawaiian shirt. Every time we get ready to go out and I come out wearing this shirt, Anne always says You're not going to wear that, are you?. Sometimes I manage to win the argument and wear it, but not very often. This was one of those times. The photo is a bit faded, as the shirt is very, very loud and not the washed-out item you can see here.

[Henry in Hawaiian shirt photo]

March 1999

In the new house, with Redrum, having a laugh.

[Me and Redrum]

14th April 1999

I'm at the Norfolk airport, saying goodbye to Anne. She's about to fly back to Australia for a few weeks. Notice how well dressed I am. That's how I dress at work these days. Horrible, isn't it?

[Henry at Norfolk airport]