Himalayan Cats Photo Gallery

These are the cats. The little one is Ruffian, a lilac point Himalayan. The large one is Redrum, a seal-point Himalayan. Half-sisters. The little one is mischief incarnate, and the large one is painfully shy. For more details, click here to read about them in horrible detail (and see some of the photos recycled).

This is the two of them on the lawn. Ruffian is on the left at the front, and Redrum is behind. They've been freshly bathed and dried, so they look very fluffy. They're not very well brushed, though. [Cats on the lawn]


Once upon a time, they were small cats. They could fit into small things. Here, the two can fit together in my paper box. They would curl up together. Now, Redrum fills that same box by herself.

[Two cats in a box]


From the other photos, you can see how large the cats look with all their fur. But have you ever wondered what they look like under that fur? In their first year with us, they got their first bath. Our neighbour, Joan, came and helped us and showed us how it was done. They wailed and moaned and clawed and scratched, but they got bathed. I took photos. This is Redrum, all wet and small and wailing. Under the fur, they are the same size as short-hair cats. The fur adds imposing bulk.

[Redrum at bath]


This photo comes from a time when the two would sleep together, when they were young. Nowadays, they don't tolerate each other much. Ruffian wants to get close and wash and lick and cuddle, but Redrum hisses and bats her away. But once upon a time, they would sleep together. Here, Redrum is on her back, mouth open and snoring a little, and slightly hugging Ruffian. Togetherness.

[Asleep on the couch]


Again, when they were smaller, they could fit onto the same chair. Here they are both sleeping. Ruffian, on the left, is not peering at something on the ground. She is asleep and totally relaxed and her head is dangling down.

[Two cats on a chair]

Redrum the Shy. She's always been painfully shy, and here she is hiding in a basket behind the curtain, peering out a little fearfully. That's when she's indoors. When she's outdoors and intent on a bird or mouse, she's not so shy. [Redrum in a basket]

Redrum is being hugged to death by Anne. She's just been bathed, so she looks fluffy and her colouring is a bit lighter than normal. You wouldn't believe the amount of fur that gets left behind when they're bathed. She's looking a bit miffed about being hugged. Redrum protests strongly about picked up and being hugged, but she purrs through the protests. I've never heard another cat that can purr hugely, while protesting so vociferously. [Redrum being severely hugged]

I Am Mischief, Watch Me Play

This is the impish Ruffian. She's freshly bathed (we have to bathe them before photographing them), and she's sitting there wondering what devilment she can get into. As I am a poor photographer, her eyes look Satanically yellow, when in fact they are the beautiful blue of the Siamese. This cat is a bundle of mischief. She loves life. She loves to have fun. Note the eyes. Note the mouth. Note that you can't see much else except fur.

[I am mischief]

Ruffian in restful pose. She's had her fun for the day and is recharging the batteries. Note the cute little ears. Note the horrible shadows and realise that I am a programmer not a photographer. [Ruffian at rest]


Ruffian having a frolic with a small rug. This is shortly after an attack by Max, and her rump has been shaved to allow access to the wounds. Still, it doesn't stop her having fun.

[Ruffian with shaved rump]

This is Ruffian after an attack. You can see on her back where the vet has cleaned her up. But look at her face. She's a very expressive cat, and her face shows that she's unwell and not very happy. [Injured Buffy]

Curled up together for a bit of solace. Notice Ruffian's back. She's been attacked and bitten, and the vet has had to shave her to clean her up. [Comfortably Together (And Injured)]


Two cats peering out the bedroom balcony door, in a state of shock at seeing what has happened to the back yard during renovations.

[Two horrified cats peering]

The Cat Sat On The Mat


These two just love our new Turkish carpet. It's something to do with wool. They love lolling about on woollen items, and the carpet is perfect for them.

[Cats on the mat]


Two cats on the couch in the right pecking order. Redrum at the front, all spread out and fluffy, and Ruffian sitting up at the back, all perky and prick-eared.

[Cats on the couch]

Buffy In A Bowl


We're out on the back deck, enjoying some winter sunshine, and Ruffian wants to be the centre of attention. And you can't get any more central than jumping up on the table and curling up in the centerpiece.

[Buffy in a bowl]


Redrum camouflaged on a flotaki rug. She's sprawled out in an indecorous but very comfortable position.

[Camouflaged Redrum]


Buffy enjoying some sunshine on the new deck during construction.

[Buffy on the deck in the sun]

14th April 1999

This should prove that the cats survived the flight to the USA and have settled down. Here's the two of them in the new house at Virginia Beach, walking towards me to see if I have any food for them.

[Cats in America]

14th April 1999

The front door of the new house is glass. Some is frosted and some is clear. here's Ruffian peering out the glass being a little sticky-beak.

[Buffy peering through the glass]

14th April 1999

Redrum having a contemplative moment. Notice how dark her fur is growing as she gets older. She's going a lovely cream and chocolate colour. It looks really good on her.

[Cats in America]

14th April 1999

Ruffian is playing. She's in an excitable mood and spinning and twisting and wriggling all over the place. Obviously I haven't yet learnt how to use a digital camera to avoid the flash in the cats' eyes.

[Cats in America]

May 1999

Ruffian is having a nap. She likes to sleep on her back and waggle her legs in the air. Especially now that she's become so roly-poly.

[Roly-poly Ruffian on her back]