The Boston Trip

14th August 1999

At long last, here are the photos from the Boston trip. Two months late, but never mind. I'll try and remember what the photos are about. On my first day in Boston, I took about 40 photos. Then discovered that the roll of film hadn't been inserted correctly. Those 40 shots were gone. I managed to retake a few of the photos, but sadly, some of the things I wanted to show you didn't get taken. This collection is what's left.

Here's a few links to visit, after you've had a look at these photos.

Base Camp

I arrived Saturday night, and booked into the Tremont Hotel. This is in the middle of the theatre district.

The hotel is the big building in the middle with the faint sign on it "Tremont Hotel". And as you can see, the musical of Fame is coming soon.

[Tremont House hotel]
Opposite the hotel is the Wang Centre. It houses the Wang Theatre. As well as being in the theatre district, we're just outside Chinatown. Titanic, the Musical is playing. Did I go see any of these fine presentations in the theatre district? No. If something decent had been on, I might have gone. [Wang Centre]
Very near the hotel is a small alleyway that houses a number of comedy venues. It's called Shear Madness Alley. [Shear Madness Alley]

Near the hotel is the entrance to Chinatown. This is a photo of the gates, taken from my trolley car. [Chinatown gates]


Sunday was a free day for me. I got the whole day to do sightseeing, so I took a trolley tour of Boston. This is an example of the trolleys that ply the tourists. Covered, but open air, and a friendly and entertaining driver up front. [Trolley tours]
During my trolley tour, I saw many of these ducks running around the streets. Amphibious vehicles that were built during the Second World War and are now used for tourism. [Duck]

Later during the week, Bronwyn and I took a duck tour. It did Boston and a bit of Cambridge, then went onto the river and paddled around. While we were on the river, I took this photo of another duck, plus a good view of the Boston skyline.
[Duck on water]

Computer Museum

During the trolley car tour of Boston, I made a stop to see the Computer Museum. The Museum is on the top two floors of the building. You buy your tickets on the ground floor, then get into that huge outside lift and go up to the top. You get a good view from the top. [Computer Museum]
Here's the ground floor of the Museum Building. Nothing in the store that I really want to buy. [Computer Museum ground]
Right beside the museum building, was a small ship that offered Boston Tea Part tours. I had a look from the outside, took a photo of the ship and didn't take the Tea Party tour. You'll have to excuse my thumb. [Boston Tea Party]

Boston skyline

During the afternoon of my Sunday sight-seeing tour, it rained a little. I was amazed to see that the taller buildings in Boston, despite being not very tall, were obscured by clouds.
[Boston skyline]

Interesting sights

There was a large restaurant near the hotel called Legal Seafoods. It must be reassuring to eat there, knowing you're eating legal seafood. I don't know what the alternative is. [Legal Seafoods]
Later in the week, something happened to the Legal Seafoods building. The revenge of the Dish of the Day? Some illegal seafood coming to visit? [Lobster Looming]
In our wanderings, we came across this sculpture. As you may already know, I am not a fan of modern art. These horses are appealing though. The artist has some skill, to be able to take a crappy sculpture technique, do his worst, and still end up with recognisable horses. Art, in spite of itself. [Horse Sculptures]

We passed the library in the city. Large, old, wonderful stone building, with great carvings. On the side of the building, the names of the authors of classics have been engraved. Here's a sample of those names.
[Library author side]

Trinity Church

This is a distant shot of one side of Trinity Church. I was told a story by the troley driver that may or may not be true. Trinity Church has legal rights to the sunshine that falls on it. When the new large building beside it was to be built, in order to preserve Trinity Church's sunshine, the building had to be built of mirrors. You can see that this is so. This may be the fancy of a trolley man. [Trinity Church]
Here's another view of Trinity Church taken while Bronwyn and I were were afoot. As you can see from this photo, it's amarvelous building. We went and had a look inside, and it's just as stunning inside as outside. [Trinity Church again]

Griggs Street

One afternoon, we took the train to Cambridge and ended up going the wrong direction. Serendipitously, we ended up going past Griggs Street, so we got off the train so I could take photos. Here's the street sign. [Griggs Street sign]
And here's a photo of the street itself. It's a short street, in a run-down district, with nothing much in it. [Griggs Street]

Harvard Lampoon

During the trolley tour on Sunday, I passed this strange little building. It was the Harvard Lampoon building, where the comedy magazine is published. From them, there came the Harvard National Lampoon, which quickly became the National Lampoon, which has been responsible for a very funny magazine, and for many films, some of which have been funny.

The building is long and very narrow. It's called The Castle. The front end is built to resemble a face. It looks like a Prussian officer's face. The building is very narrow as you can see.

[Harvard Lampoon front]
This is a side view of the Harvard Lampoon building. Ornate and funny. A parody of an English castle. [Harvard Lampoon side]

There's A Bear In There...

On the corner of the building where we had the training, there was a large toy store. This huge metal bear has been mounted on the footpath. [Bears on the footpath]


On our last day in Boston, we walked past a tall building surrounded by a small crowd of people peering upwards. We stopped and peered upwards too. We saw several people up on the side of the building. Bungee jumpers? A jumper? Illegal abseilers? Nope. It was a "practice session", also known as "publicity" for Dance Umbrella, readying themselves for the International Aerial Dance Festival. [Aerial dancers practising]