The Sad Saga of the Bike

18th August 1999

It might not be the end of the saga after all. Wreckers yards. Second hand parts. Stay tuned.

14th August 1999

I usually ride a bike. That's my preferred mode of transport. When I came to the USA, I bought a car and have been using that ever since. After a few months here, I bought a battered bike from a guy at work. It needed a bit of work. The plan was that he and I work on it and rebuild it. Given my aptitude for mechanical work, he would have to do the bulk of the work and I would do the sort of things that I am capable of doing, like hold a spanner, or passing him the screwdrivers. It took ages to coordinate our first strip down of the bike so we could work out what was needed. But two weeks ago, we managed it, and I had a list of the parts that were needed. I finally got them priced, and oh dear, it's going to be over $1,500. It's not worth it. For that sort of money, I can get a reasonable bike in working order. So this poor old battered bike is going to be scrapped and I'm going to save my money and buy a working bike.

I took some photos of the battered bike, as an In memoriam.

This how it arrived. It's in pretty good shape, just needs a few things. Like the key, footpegs, mirrors, battery, front brake calipers, turn signals, throttle assembly, plugs and coils, handle bar grips, air filter, and a complete set of mufflers. [The new old bike]

After we stripped it down. I've never seen a bike this close up. [Stripped]

Stripped. The old mufflers are underneath the bike. Every bike I've ever owned has had rusted out mufflers. [Stripped again]