Anne's Photos

This is my wife, Anne. I started my wedding speech with "I'm very pleased with Anne...", at which point Anne's mum stood up shaking her fist and yelling that so I should be, while the wedding reception erupted into laughter. What I wasn't allowed to finish saying was that I hoped she was pleased with me. She's kind and generous and gentle and very, very tolerant of me. Hence I have tried to choose very flattering photos of her. I don't like pain.


One of a matched pair of posed photos. This is shortly after we took company. We still have the damned ferns, despite my protests that green growing things belong outside with the other rubbish. But Anne insists that they are nice and so the revolting green things share our domicile.

[Anne with fern photo]


Anne is at a barbecue, watching me, and doing her famous Queen Victoria impression: "We are not amused..."

[Anne at a barbecue photo]


Same barbecue, but more relaxed and giving me her famous "Come hither" glance (cunningly disguised beneath the sunglasses).

[Anne sideways at barbecue photo]


Anne at my brothers' wedding. She's smiling this time, so maybe I did something right like drink from the glass and not the bottle.

[Smiling Anne at wedding photo]

October 1997

This is Anne belly-dancing in Istanbul. Our group went to the Orient House in Istanbul on the last night, and we had a great meal and saw the show. Part of the show was audience participation. Twenty women were dragged on stage to participate. Each belly-danced and the not so good ones got to sit down. Here's Anne having a lot of fun.

[belly dancing in Istanbul]

14th April 1999

We're at the Norfolk airport, and Anne and Evelyn are about to fly back to Australia. We've been apart for two months, had a two week reunion and Anne is going back again. She's being very brave.

[Anne at Norfolk airport]

November 1999

We went to Matt and Amber's wedding, and had a great time. Anne took her camera.

[Anne with camera, laughing]

February 2001

I love this photo of Anne. She made the blue outfit herself, and it's a lovely soft fabric, very clingy, and looks great.

[Anne in blue in 2001]