Paul on Guitar


12th July 2002

I work with Paul. For three years, I've known that he plays guitar outside work. Finally, Anne and I went to see him play. I took photos. Terrible photos. The camera got confused with the lighting, even when I used flash, and I wasn't smart enough to overcome the lighting. More practice required. Apart from the photos, it was a good night. Plenty of beer, and it only cost $15. I was expecting a bar tab of about $60 and it only comes to $15? I might have to go drinking again. Plenty of music, I liked the older stuff from the 60s, the Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin. But that's because I'm old.

I had a great night. I didn't have a very good day next day. My hangover lasted till Sunday morning. Bad, bad hangover, and I didn't drink very many beers.

[Paul on guitar]

[Paul on guitar some more]

[Son of Paul on guitar some

[Paul on guitar in colour]