Better Diagramming Of The Network

16th May 2001

The hand-drawn diagram of the network, which caused so much hilarity over the last few weeks, has been replaced with a brand-new diagram created with Dia, which is a very nice Linux diagramming tool. Whenever someone looked at the old network diagram and I was nearby, I would see them laughing and I got a bit irritated. So I went looking for a Linux diagrammer, and when I'm looking for Linux software, I go to freshmeat, and after a few minutes search, it came down to Kivio or Dia. Kivio is a diagrammer for KDE, included with KOffice. I don't use this, so I scratched Kivio and looked at Dia. It compiled and installed easily, started without any problems, and within 10 minutes I produced the simple diagram you see on the network page. I've got lots of uses for it at home and at work, so Dia now has a permanent place in my bag of tools.