Michelle - 16th May 2003

16th May 2003

Anne and I have another new niece, and Bronwyn has a new baby. Michelle Nicole Humphrey. She was born on 7th May 2003. 7 pounds 10 ounces. I've only seen her once, and she was fast asleep, so I don't know anything about her yet.

Here she is, a week and a bit after birth. Bronwyn brought Michelle to the cubicle far to show her off. I haven't seen her with her eyes open yet, so I don't know what colour they are. Soft dark hair.

[Michelle asleep]

[Close-up of Michelle

[Michelle in basket]

Bronwyn leaning carefully. I don't think she wanted me to take photos of her, but I did, and denied it when asked. [Bronwyn leaning
  carefully in the cubicle farm]

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