Matt's Wedding

13th November 1999

A week after Jim got married, Matt got married. Matt had an evening wedding at a pleasant modern church near where we live.

After the ceremony we drove to the reception. It was the same reception centre that Jim used at his wedding. The Shifting Sands Catering Centre on the Dam Neck Naval Base. Very pleasant, plenty of room, plenty of seating, good food, nice grog, and best of all, we knew where to go.

[The church]

The bride and groom arrive at the reception. [The couple arrives at the reception]

Here's the happy couple, Matt and Amber. [Matt and Amber]

Amber, the happy bride. [The bride]

The throwing of the bouquet. Look at the very top right. That's the bouquet in mid-flight. [Tossing the bouquet]

Removing the garter. This is a position Matt will get very familiar with as his life goes by. All married men end up on their knees in front of their wives, usually begging forgiveness. [Removing the garter]

A quiet, reflective moment after the formal bits have been done. [A quiet moment]

Amber had four bridesmaids, young girls. Two of them were Matt's sisters. They wore little black dresses and showed tattoos and tongue piercings. They were most energetic on the dance floor. [Young girls dancing]

Synchronised dancing. [Synchronised dancing]

Girls just want to have fun. [Young girls dancing some more]

Bronwyn and Anne - Wedding Guests

Bronwyn and Anne. [Bronwyn and Anne]

Bronwyn showing her dress. [Bronwyn showing her dress]

Bronwyn and Anne again. [Bronwyn and Anne again]

Anne is enjoying herself immensely. [Anne with camera, laughing]

Bronwyn and Anne again. [Bronwyn and Anne again]

Nose photos

For some reason, noses featured strongly at Matt's wedding. Jason brought his camera and succeeded in capturing quite a few silly moments.

I talk with my hands.

I started a conversation about noses, but the ladies seemed a little sceptical, ...

[Talking with my hands]

... then Debbie explains something about her nose, ... [Deb and her nose]

... and I mentioned something about MY nose, so ... [Drawing attention to my nose]

... Anne decided to do something about my nose.

Actually, it's not what you think. I have no idea what is happening here, and I suspect that the camera lies. I think Anne's finger is several feet from my face, and it just looks up close.

[The Nose Pick]

Dancing the night away

Anne danced and obviously had a lot of fun. [Anne dancing]

Even I danced. I was trapped by the lady on the far left. So far Caroline has managed to coerce me to dance every time she has seen me. Now I run when I see her. Anyway, you can't really call it dancing. More like jigging up and down in a spot while vaguely waving the arms. Also notice how everyone is staring at me and laughing. [I am dancing]

Bronwyn and David dancing. [Bronwyn and David dancing]

Bronwyn and David really dancing. [Bronwyn and David really

After The Ball

Home again at the end of the night, tired and happy but shocked to have a flash go off. [At the end of the night]