Henry's Links

Friends and Relatives

These are sites of friends and family. They are all worth a visit. So visit them!

Anne An experimental Web site that's only just started
Dac Hardware upgrades from hell
Chris Griggs Photos of Life In The Tropics
Paul Maynard Recumbent bicycles, Lasik surgery and philosophical discourses


These are the sites that I visit often for a bit of humour.

Dilbert The daily Dilbert cartoon, for life in a cubicle farm.
User Friendly The daily User Friendly cartoon, for life with geeks.
Fresh Meat On the Red Meat site, about once a week there appears Fresh Meat, a very sick cartoon. These impressed me so much I have bought the two available books.
Daily Bikini A daily photo of a girl in a bikini. Plus a great assortment of odd links to other sites. The links change frequently and there's always something interesting to read about.
Tech Tales Read what tech support have to put up with from users. The four main items are changed weekly, but you should read through the backlog of tales under the top left icon called Tales From The Techs.
Bastard Operator From Hell Read the weekly saga of Simon, the Bastard Operator From Hell. The archives at this site have the complete saga. You can also read old bits from Simon's New Zealand site.
Museum of Bad Art I have been to MOBA, the Museum of Bad Art. This is the online gallery. View some of my favourite works of art. Well worth a visit.


These are the news sites that I regularly visit. Computer news, nerd news, Australian news.

Slashdot Geek news in a tight format. Always updating and always interesting.
Wired News More mainstream computer culture news.
Sydney Morning Herald This is how I stay in touch with Australian news.
Pilot Online Local news. This is how I find out what's on at Virginia Beach, the movies, the concerts and the festivals.
ClickTV My local and cable TV guide.
Need To Know A British site, with a very plain format and a sardonic slant on the news of Britain, mostly technical.


This is the software I use. This is here more for my benefit than yours, so I can easily check latest versions of the software I use.

Vim Vim, the improved vi. Best text editor I've used. Comes with source code. Works with Linux, Solaris, and most other Unices. There are even executables for Windows if you are being forced to use that crappy system. Powerful and flexible. Not as powerful and flexible as Emacs, but it suits me. And by the way, it's free.
Midnight Commander Midnight Commander. THE orthodox file manager. Again, there are versions for a lot of operating systems, even Windows if you happen to be that way inclined. If you want to read about why File Managers are so popular, read this article about the Orthodox File Manager Paradigm.
Mutt A mail reader, based on elm, but with lots of other influences. Hence, a mutt of a mail reader. Unix only.
Irfan Viewer One of the few Windows utilities I use. It's a graphics file viewer. It's small and fast and works very well and allows some manipulation and conversion of the images.
fetchmail fetchmail fetches the mail.
LifeLines Great genealogy software for Unix systems. It's super flexible, fast, and produces a vast array of amazing reports. Allows custom written reports too.
GIMP Gnu Image Manipulation Program. The name says it all.
Star Office When I have to work with someone else's Microsoft Office documents, I use Star Office. If I can't work with TeX or LaTeX, then I work with Star Office. I like the way it works. And it doesn't have that Microsoft taint. Versions for Linux and Windows and other OSes. It's free for home use, and site licenses for organisations are very cheap.
ImageMagick ImageMagick manipulates images. I use it to modify all the photos on my home page. I tried various Windows products and none gave me any satisfaction. From the moment I started using ImageMagick, all my image problems were solved. There are versions for Linux and Windows and others. And it's free.
WordPerfect for Linux I keep looking at using this. If I could get the old text mode version of WordPerfect for lInux, then I would be very happy. I'm not fond of GUIs.
FreeCiv A free version of Civilisation for Linux. Source code included.
Lyx Adds a GUI front end to TeX and LaTeX.
GTK+ The GIMP Toolkit. Used for programming the X Window System.
FVWM The Window manager that I use. It's old but it's a favourite.
Window Managers Check out the various Window Managers for X.


Strange sites that I come back to visit.

Silicon Creatures Ever wondered about the things engraved on chips and in microprocessors. View them through the electron microscope.
Geek Decoder Page Geeks have a shorthand for describing themselves. This page decodes the codes. There's links to the meanings and how to build your own.

This is mine: GCS d+ s+:++>+: a+ C++++ ULS++$ P+++$ L++ E--- W++ N++ o-- K- w-- M- V- PS+ PE Y+ PGP++ t 5 X- R* !tv b+++ DI+++ D++ G e++ h--- r+++ y+++

BBS Textfiles Back in the days when BBSes ruled, there were lots of text files floating about the ether. This site has collected many of them and made them available.

Some more quick strange items:

Free Software Advocacy

Eric Raymond's writings Eric Raymond's writings about Open Source Software, including The Cathedral and the Bazaar, and Homesteading the Noosphere.
Comparison between Unix and Windows NT Lengthy set of documents giving the pros and cons of both operating systems.

Links to Links

Adrian Miranda's Bookmarks A list of links for Unix and X and programming.
Linux Programmer's Bouncepoint A list of links for Linux programming.