Jim's Wedding

6th November 1999

To get in the mood for the wedding, a number of us from work went to Hooters for our regular Friday lunch. Hooters is considered a risqué sort of lunch place. The waitresses dress in little tank tops and short shorts. The food was pleasant enough, the drinks were expensive, and the dessert, though recommended to us as better than sex, was not. At the end of the meal, we managed to lure several of the young ladies to pose for us with the two wedding boys. Jim (left) was married the next day, and Matt (right) a week later.

Our waitress is the one in the front. She was a little hustler. Would we like to buy the Hooters calendar? Later, would we like to buy a Hooters T-Shirt? A screen saver? Souvenirs? We settled on the free photo.

Just look at Jim and Matt! Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. No buck's night parties with strippers for them! Just a quiet respectable lunch with their fellow workers.


Later that afternoon after Hooters, Jim and Matt show us why they both need to get married.

Note that Jim still has a firm grip on his Palm Pilot, stylus on the right, Palm on the left.

[Matt and Jim at work]

The wedding took place at the Centenary United Methodist Church in Portsmouth. The church was very beautiful. I rarely get inside churches these days, only attending weddings and funerals, but I thought this church was stunning. It was large and light and open and airy. The pipes of the pipe organ loom over the altar, and a beautiful blue stained glass window peeps between the pipes. [Inside the church]

After the service, we drove to Virginia Beach for the reception. Fine food, plenty of beer, and a stunning display of smoked salmon. I tried desperately to do justice to the smoked salmon, but two-thirds of it was still left at the end of the night.

When the newly married couple took the dance floor, it was obvious just how happy they were. You can see the happiness shining from both their faces.

[On the dance floor]

Another photo of the very happy couple dancing. [On the dance floor again]

Bronwyn and Matt listening to the speeches. [Bronwyn and Matt]

Jim is a very happy man. [Happy Jim]

Katherine dancing triumphantly. [Katherine dancing]

Anne and Bronwyn at the reception. [Anne and Bronwyn]

Anne and me at the reception. Look at that white hair on me. Time marches on relentlessly. Note that Henry gestures hypnotically [for Mandrake fans]. [Anne and me]

The wedding cake, with the new couple on the right. The wedding cakes here are usually some form of sponge cake, with the same sort of icing as at home. Because the cakes are very light, they don't lend themselves to the giant multi-tiered specimens we get at home where they are usually made from boiled fruit cake which provides a very sturdy base. [The wedding cake]

The wedding was in the morning, the reception in the afternoon. At the end of the reception, the photographer pursuaded Jim and Katherine to go down to the beach for photographs. [Beach photographs]