Vintage Horror Movies About Work

16th December 2001

This page was created by Jason at work. You should gather from the page that recent discussions at work have touched upon the evils of the American health industry compared to the lesser evil of what they laughingly call "Australia's socialised medical system". I'll take the Australian system any day. There is also conflict at work over ball throwing. If you throw a ball in any fashion other than the approved baseball style, then they can't cope with it and call it "girly". Have you ever seen baseball batters and ball-throwers in action? I went to a baseball game with Doug and we watched it through a haze of powerful non-American beers. Those batters and ball-throwers sure stand strange when they're out there on the field. If Doug hadn't spent so much effort convincing me otherwise, I would have sworn it was a game for severely constipated guys with no shame and no clothing sense.

"Wait! I am getting a 91111 call on the Mapphone. Someone is trying to destroy the U.S. health care system by socializing it... Get ready to move out Dougor!"
"Yeees Maaasteer."
"Shhhhh...I think I see them."
"No one can withstand my orb of power when thrown like a girl!"