Henry Griggs, the other one

21st August 2002

I used to do ego-boosting Web searches on my own name "Henry Griggs". In Australia, it's pretty rare. I think there's me and my dad. And his dad. And his dad. I'm Henry Griggs The Fourth in Australia. Here in the USA, there are a number of Henry Griggs's.

I wasn't the only one to do name searches. In 1997, Henry Griggs of Washington DC spotted my name, then emailed me, and since then, we occasionally correspond. I plan on visiting him in DC in the next few years.

Recently, he sent me a photo of himself. I was flabbergasted. It's not often I am struck speechless. I showed the image at work, and a shocked hush settled over the cubicle farm as people realised that there might be more of me. The sobbing died down eventually.

There's no close relationship between us. We probably are both descended from the same Griggs stock from the UK, but that's way, way back in history. But the genes sure are strong. So many similarities - the lips, the nose, the glasses,the skin, the hair, the forehead furrow. I even have the same jacket.

I asked permission to put his photo here, and he agreed. I'll try and get a photo of myself in the same pose with the same jacket and include it here.

[Henry Griggs, Washington DC]