Halloween 1999 at Work

31st October 1999

1999 was my first Halloween in the USA. It was an interesting experience. Halloween fell on a Sunday, so the Halloween celebrations at work were on the Friday before. Several weeks earlier, I noticed large spider webs going up on the walls and ceilings, followed by large spiders, pumpkins, and orange decorations. [Decorations to the left...]

As we got closer to the day, I found out more information about the celebrations. Thursday was a Casual Day, but only if you wore black or orange. Friday was a Casual Day where it was expected that everyone dress up for Halloween. There were several competitions on Friday too. Best costume. Best decorated pumpkin. [...decorations to the right]

Here we are on the Friday, with two people at work dressed for Halloween. Ruth on the left is dressed as Austin Powers from the films. Those teeth aren't real, although they were very off-putting. The guy on the right is dressed as a fat programmer. [Ruth and Henry in costume]

This is Jack. Jack is dressed in garish drag. Jack won a prize for his costume, and although I didn't see the judging or hear much about the results, I think I saw a sign indicating that Jack won first prize. He came into our area to report a problem and I was so impressed that a photo had to be taken. The dress is low at the back, and he wasn't wearing stockings. Bronwyn asked about whether he should have shaved and he said "No thanks, I'm European." [A Prize Winning Jack]

Nuns are always popular. Guys love to dress up as nuns, although I have never understood the attraction. I was caned too many times by nuns looking like that to ever want to emulate one. In the middle is Little Red Riding Hood. [Nuns and Little Red Riding Hood]

Not only were the people dressed up, but the pumpkins were dressed up. Each department was given a pumpkin and had to dress it up. The personalities of the various departments became very evident. THis bloody image shows a doll with hands severed, and head torn off, and the sign about the ransom. [Failing to Pay a Ransom]

The Refurb/Refreq department showed the most disgusting talent for dressing up a pumpkin. They had a table with three pumpkins on it and each of them was a miniature masterpiece. This pumpkin, despite looking phallicly obscene, was not. It showed a doll strapped to an axe which had been smashed through the pumpkin head. Gory. [The Pumpkin and the Axe]

This was a wonderful image of a "harvest moon". It needs no further description. [Harvest Moon]

This disgusting little item needs some description. Rising between the feet of the little rough pumpkin is a phallus, lovingly carved from a pumpkin stalk. It's also hollow, and connected to that little red bulb you see just to the right of the shoes. When that bulb is squeezed, splashes of milk shoot from the end of the stalk in a most realistic manner. The tissues are there to mop up the spill. The creators of this delightful item managed to catch a number of people who were invited to squeeze the bulb, and who did. The cries of delighted shock echoed around the building.

I don't know if this pumpkin won an award, but it was my favourite.

[Pumpkin Rude]