Collecting the books of Rider Haggard

Simple List of Rider Haggard's Books


I grew up with Rider Haggard's books. King Solomon's Mines. She, The Return of She. Nada the Lily. I used to sit in class with one of those books on my lap, pretending to work while lost in deepest darkest Africa.

I've never lost my fascination with his books. I am trying to acquire copies in text format. This page is just a simple checklist of the books of Rider Haggard. There's plenty of biographies on the Web, and a few books about Rider Haggard. I'm just interested in the books, and losing myself in the world's of Rider Haggard. My favourite series are the ones with Ayesha, and Allan Quatermain, and Umslopogaas.

  • Allan Quatermain
  • Allan Quatermain & City of Lost Gold
  • Allan and the Holy Flower
  • Allan and the Ice Gods
  • Allan's Wife
  • The Ancient Allan
  • Ayesha, Return of She
  • Beatrice
  • Belshazzar
  • Benita
  • Black Heart and White Heart
  • Brethren
  • Child of Storm
  • Cleopatra
  • Colonel Quartich, V.C.
  • Dawn
  • Dr. Therne
  • Elissa
  • Eric Brighteyes
  • Finished
  • Heart of the World
  • Hunter Quatermain's Story
  • Ivory Child
  • Jess
  • Joan Haste
  • King Solomon's Mines
  • Long Odds
  • Mahatma and the Hare
  • Maiwa's Revenge
  • Margaret
  • Marie
  • Montezuma's Daughter
  • Moon of Israel
  • Morningstar
  • Mr Meeson's Will
  • Nada the Lily
  • Pearl Maiden
  • People of the Mist
  • Queen Sheba's Diary
  • Queen of Sheba's Ring
  • Red Eve
  • Regeneration (Salvos)
  • She
  • She and Allan
  • Smith and the Pharaohs
  • Spirit of Bambatse
  • Spring of a Lion (AQ)
  • Stella Fregelius
  • Swallow
  • Tale of Three Lions
  • Virgin of the Sun
  • Wanderer's Necklace
  • When the World Shook
  • Winter's Pilgrimmage in Palestine
  • Wisdom's Daughter
  • Witch's Head
  • The Wizard
  • World's Desire
  • Yellow God

Ordering Some Series


I've been asked the best order to read the Allan Quatermain books, and the She books. These two lists are the best I can come up with.

Allan Quatermain

  1. King Solomon's Mines
  2. Allan Quatermain - sequel to King Solomon's Mine
  3. Allan's Wife and Other Stories - novellas - Allan's Wife, Hunter Quatermain's Story, A Tale of Three Lions, Long Odds.
  4. Maiwa's Revenge
  5. Nada The Lily - prequel to Marie, introduces Umslopogaas, not really an Allan tale
  6. Marie - Allan's childhood and first marriage
  7. Child of Storm
  8. Finished
  9. Allan and the Holy Flower - Allan goes hunting an orchid guarded by a giant ape
  10. The Ivory Child - sequel to The Holy Flower, more African adventures
  11. The Ancient Allan - sequel to The Ivory Child, a previous life story
  12. Allan and the Ice Gods - sequel to The Ancient Allan. Previous incarnation as caveman in the Ice Age.
  13. She and Allan - crossover with the She series
  14. Heu-Heu or The Monster
  15. Treasure of the Lake


  1. She
  2. Ayesha, The Return of She
  3. She and Allan
  4. Wisdom's Daughter