Granby Street Greek Festival 2003

17th May 2003

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It's that time of year again, when the Greek Community celebrates with their Greek Festival. We've been to the festivals each year, and I have the T-shirts to prove it. Normally I eat the lamb. But now that I am a vegetarian, I was in a dilemma. Do I eat the lamb or stick to my principles? However, I didn't have to worry. One of the miracles of religion is transubstantiation, and for the duration of this festival, lamb was transformed into a vegetable and I was going to eat it. Unfortunately, I was punished for my religious quibblings, and they had run out of lamb by the time we arrived. So much for that.

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[Entrance to the Granby
Street Greek Festival]

We had a quick walk-through the agora. I like this part of the festival. Each year, I almost buy some cds. I've been acquiring some Mikis Theodorakis CDs lately, and I was after some more but the only ones they had in the agora, I already had. Lots of jewelry for Anne to lust after, books and knick-knacks. I should have had some of the Greek coffee to settle the beer. Then it was outside into the cold again, and I bought the T-shirt. This year it had a My Big Fat Greek Festival theme. Then we settled down to the serious business of eating. But no lamb. After all my rationalising and salivating, they had no lamb left. I settled for the beans and rice and spanokopita and baklava and anything else that was handy. The place was packed. We normally go on Sunday morning, and it's easier to get a seat and watch the stage performances, but Saturday night was packed full despite the weather.

[The eating crowd]

Eventually we found four seats together and got stuck in. I took photos of Beth and Evelyn. Evelyn wasn't happy with her photos so I didn't include them here.

[Beth enjoying herself at

The meal was good. I did justice to my plate. I hadn't had baklava in a long while, so when I had my first mouthful, I was in ecstasy. This is one of the greatest desserts ever invented.

[A meal well finished]

It would have been nice to watch the dancers and musicians on stage, but there was a crowd of people around the stage and we didn't get a look-in. I did manage to get a small fuzzy image of a few people on stage doing something we couldn't work out what. Not to worry. In two weeks time, the Newport News Green Festival will be on and we can sit down and take our time and enjoy ourselves.

[The stage obscured]