Henry's Photo Galleries

The Principals

The good, [Small Anne Photo]   the bad, [Small Cats Photo]
and the ugly. [Small Henry Photo]   Beauty and the Beast [Small Pair Photo]

The Australian Residence

The House We Left Behind [Sydney House]   The Saga Of The Deck [Small Deck]

The American Residence

USA House Photos 1 [USA House 1]   USA House Photos 2 [USA House 2]
USA House Photos 3 [USA House 3]      

Places We've Been

The San Francisco Trip [San Francisco]   The Boston Trip [Boston]
Colonial Williamsburg [Colonial Williamsburg]   New York [New York]

The American Experience

Work Photos [Work Photos]   Jim's Wedding [Jim's Wedding]
Matt's Wedding [Matt's Wedding]   Halloween at home 1999 [Halloween at home 1999]
Halloween at work 1999 [Halloween at work 1999]   Winter 1999 [Winter 1999]
Christmas Party 1999 [Christmas Party 1999]   Snow In January 2000 [Snow January 1999]
More work photos [Work photos]   Deb's Wedding [Deb's Wedding]


Very early November 2000 [Rachel photos very early Nov 2000]   Early November 2000 [Rachel photos early Nov 2000]
Thanksgiving 2000 [Rachel photos Thanksgiving 2000]   February 2001 [Rachel photos February 2001]
April 2001 [Rachel photos April 2001]   May 2001 [Rachel photos May 2001]
August 2001 [Unhappy Rachel photos August 2001]   November 2001 [Very happy Rachael photos November 2001]