How To Be A Successful Failure



Many years ago, I left Townsville and moved to Sydney. As I was leaving, a good friend gave me a piece of paper on which was printed the 10 Ways On How To Be A Successful Failure. That stung me. In many ways, I had been guilty of a lot of the things on that sheet. I started a new life in Sydney, and whenever things got tough and I wanted to quit, I would remember the Failure Document and go back and read it. That always gave me enough incentive to persevere. I did well in Sydney. Then I moved to the USA, and once again I faced fear and uncertainty and many times I wanted to give up and go home. Luckily, I brought my now tattered Failure Document with me, and I bring it out whenever it's needed, and read it, and feel ashamed for being such a quitter, and then I persevere and things work out again.

The document is old and tattered now, and I thought it was about time I transferred it to the Web so that I won't lose it and can refer to it more easily.

10 Ways On

  1. Be Entirely NEGATIVE - expect to fail.
  2. Listen to all OPINIONS - particularly from those who have no experience of success.
  3. NEVER set goals OR objectives.
  4. Do NOT make plans.
  5. ALWAYS CRITICISE others for your failings - Teachers, Parents, etc.
  6. NEVER be Truthful.
  7. Continually say "Why SHOULD I work for the money I get?"
  8. ALWAYS Procrastinate.
  9. Avoid POSITIVE People.
  10. QUIT at EVERY opportunity.

Thanks Tony