Kevin and Danna's Wedding

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21st February 2004

Another in my series of co-worker weddings. Kevin works in Oracle testing, design and documentation, and Danna works in the cubicle farm doing testing, design, reports, scripting, etc. These two have been sparring with each other, and bickering for years and years, so the only sensible thing left to do was get married. They did, to the great relief of the cubicle farm. Now we don't have to listen to moans about weight and wedding dresses, rage attacks as wedding plans go awry, and all the rest of the horror of a wedding that women experience.

The wedding ceremony was simple, but elegant. The church was very dark though, considering the ceremony was at 4:30 in the afternoon. It looked like the interior was completely sealed against light to show up the candles. It was so dark, we walked past the entrance when we arrived. It looked like an unused room. When we asked where we had to go, we were directed to the dark doorway. We entered, we paused for five minutes to let our eyes adjust, and then we stumbled towards a seat. It was so dark, it was very difficult to get any photos without flash, and even with flash it was hard to know where to point the camera. You'll notice a paucity of church photos.

The reception was at the beach. Very nice. Lots of red wine, lots of salmon, and plenty of entertainment. The DJ kept us amused with some of the antics involving the males of the wedding party and large dresses. For the second time, I saw the switcheroo pulled on the guy who was supposed to put the garter on the bridesmaid. You can see all that in the photos.

The happy couple are currently honeymooning in Jamaica. I got a page today from Danna, complaining that it was raining in Jamaica and the wedding photos weren't available for her to view. So here they are.

There are three sets of photos on display: