Sydney from Centrepoint 2004


April 2004

Now this bit I recognise. That's Hyde Park right down in front, with the Archibald Fountain in the middle. Above the fountain is St Mary's, and above St Mary's is The Domain.

Fountain in Hyde Park and St Mary's]

And this is the same thing but looking down and to the left a bit.

[Above Hyde Park]

Looking up to get the Navy Base in again.

[The Domain and
Woolloomooloo Bay]

Looking across Hyde Park, past the War Memorial. The green bit up at the top right is Moore Park.

[Hyde Park, War
Memorial, Moore Park and Sydney]

Looking straight down from the tower.

[looking down from
the tower]

Moving further to the right, and you can see the Hyde Park War Memorial at the bottom left and then a huge bank of Sydney's big buildings.

[Bank of Sydney

Moving to the right some more ...

[Sydney buildings
to the horizon]

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